Abraham Lincolns Family

The Family of Abraham

Abraham Lincoln’s parents were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. He was born in Hardin County, (now LaRue County) Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln’s first home was a small log cabin. He had an older sister, Sarah. He also had a younger brother who died in infancy. While little is known of his mother’s history Abraham Lincoln’s parents had a strong influence on his development.

When Abraham was 9 years old his mother died from ‘milk sickness’. At this time Abraham family had moved to Indiana. Thomas then married Sarah Bush Johnston. She and Abraham got on well and were close, while Abraham steadily grew apart from his father. Many people believe that Abraham perceived a sense of slavery himself under his father’s rule. Thomas believed in hard manual work, and while a strong an able worker himself, Abraham liked to spend as much time reading as possible.

Abraham had a strong relationship with a girl named Anne Rutledge when he was working as a young man in Salem. She died in 1835. In 1840 he married Mary Todd. Mary came from a wealthy slave holding family in Kentucky. Abraham Lincolns family grew and the couple eventually had four children. Robert Todd, the eldest child and the only one to survive childhood was born August 1, 1843. Edward Baker was born on March 10, 1846. Edward died in his infancy (1850) assumedly by Tuberculosis. William (Willie) Wallace was born December 21, 1850. It is said that Willie’s arrival helped the Lincoln’s recover from the grief of losing Edward. William died from a fever in 1862. Abraham Lincoln was President at the time. Thomas (Tad) was born April 4, 1853 and died in 1871.
It is said that Abraham Lincolns kids were much loved by their father. He would read to them and it is said that Abraham Lincolns home was not a place of strict rules when it came to his children.

The death of two of Abraham Lincolns children before his own death is said to have had a profound effect on him. He developed a sense of ‘melancholy’, or depression. His wife Mary was also deeply effected.
Mary was seen as a stern and sharp woman, yet she was holding her husband’s hand on the evening he was assassinated.

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