Abraham Lincoln Timeline

The Abrahams timeline shows the impact this man had in his 56 years of life.

As we have just recently passed the 200th year anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and Abraham timeline of events is in order.

Earliest years in the Abraham timeline:

  • 1806
    Abraham’s parents Thomas and Nancy are married.
  • 1807
    Sister Sarah is born.
  • 1809
    February 12, Abraham Lincoln (no middle name) is born in Hardin County Kentucky.
  • 1812
    Abraham’s younger brother Thomas dies.
  • 1817
    The Lincoln family moves to Perry County Indiana
  • 1818
    October 5 – Abrahams mother Nancy dies 1819 – Abraham’s father Thomas marries again to Sarah Bush Johnson.
  • 1830
    The Lincolns move to Illinois and Abraham makes his first political speech about navigation improvements on the Sangamon River.
  • 1831
    Abraham is working as a clerk in a store in New Salem, Illinois. It is here he is believed to have earned the title of ‘Honest Abe”.
  • 1832
    Abraham becomes a candidate for the Illinois General Assembly (which he loses), enlists for the Black Hawk War, and joins in a partnership with William Berry on a store in New Salem.
  • 1834
    Abraham is elected to the Illinois General Assembly and also begins his law career. He also meets Anne Rutledge who dies the following year.
  • 1835
    Anne dies. Abraham becomes leader of the Whig Party
  • 1837
    Abraham moves to Springfield where he continues practicing law.
  • 1840
    Abraham proposes marriage to Mary Todd and presents his first case to the Supreme Court in Illinois.
  • 1841
    Engagement to Mary broken off and a new law partnership started with Stephen T. Logan
  • 1842
    Nov 4 Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd are married.
  • 1843
    The Birth of Abraham’s first son Robert on Aug 1.
  • 1844
    Partnership with Logan dissolved
  • 1846
    Edward Baker Lincoln born March 10. Abraham is elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • 1849
    Abraham quits politics
  • 1850
    Edward dies
  • 1851
    ‘Tad’ is born
  • 1857
    June 26. Abraham makes a speech against the Dred Scott decision that ruled he must remain a slave.
  • 1860
    Abraham Lincoln is nominated as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidency and wins the election.
  • 1861
    March 4, Abraham delivers his first inaugural address.
  • 1861
    April 12, The Civil War begins after the attack on Fort Sumter
  • 1862
    Emancipation announced in September
  • 1863
    Jan 1, Emancipation Proclaimed.
  • 1863
    Nov 19, Gettysburg address
  • 1863
    Dec 9, Pardon to rebels
  • 1864
    Abraham Lincoln is re-elected as President
  • 1865
    Second inauguration, March 4.
  • 1865
    April 11, Abraham delivers his final speech
  • 1865
    April 14, Abraham is shot at the Ford Theater by John Wilkes Booth
  • 1865
    April 15, around 7:15 am President Abraham Lincoln dies.
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